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Take full responsibility for the reality you create

You drew the card NORTH from the free card readings page or you have been led to this page by a search on pertinent keywords. Either way, perhaps the message of the NORTH card will be helpful.

Self-responsibility is the almost exclusive spirit guidance from this card in a reading.

You are being asked to look at your present situation, the one that brought you to this reading or the most predominent challenge you face at this time, and consider much more closely how it has been built on every choice you have made with regard to it.

If you have found yourself startled by a change of situation that seems very sudden and unexpected, it is because you have gone unconscious in your life, in some way. Otherwise, you would have seen this coming.

No more victim thinking or victim language. It is entirely counter-productive. Commit to taking full responsibility for the present circumstance because that is the only decision that can empower you to change it.

Who have you allowed to have influence over your decisions in this matter? Where have you veiled your own leaning toward a direction, to follow the direction of another. What did you accept, against your better judgment, as the way it had to be? These are areas to explore, to get the full benefit of this spirit message today.

And most significantly, trace back the subtle beginning of patterns of behaving that have gained momentum over time, like a snowball rolling downhill, and recognize how you set this all in motion.

It is the beginning that creates the end, if nothing intervenes to stop it. Be the tree standing in the middle of the downhill slope right now. Allow the snowball to dash against new awareness.

Start saying no more. Especially practice saying no to people you habitually agree with, or at least notice when you have an internal no going on , at the same time that you are nodding yes.

You will begin to see when you are over-extending yourself, obligating yourself out of guilt, a need to be accepted, or some other spiritually imbalanced motive.

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