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Selection and Harvest of the Agave

The Agave that we use for the elaboration of mezcal is the one called “espadín”.
This kind of agave grows in our own fields.



We do this process in the traditional way using an oven with a conical shape re-covered with stones. The capability of this oven is seven tons.




An egipcian mill is used in this procedure. This mill consists in a circular stone moved by a horse. We can grind 750 kilos per day.



The mash agave is placed inside several vats made out of wood. Each vat has a capability of 1400 litres. The natural way for fermetation takes aproximately seven days.



For the distillation we us a still of simple distilation with a capability of 450 litres. All our products are double distilled.


Bottle up

The mezcal is bottle up of origin in our own destilery.