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get me Memphis, Tennessee

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Hi and welcome to my home page. I hope you enjoy it. I just recently started building my first home page, so please bare with me. Thanks. Have fun. And I hope you come back and visit again.

I live in Memphis, Tennessee.

I am an employee at

which is owned by

and is an affiliate of

I am an alumnus of the University of Memphis where I received my bachelor of arts degree and double-majored in Radio/TV/Film and Photojournalism.

My favorite teams are the University of Memphis Tigers football and basketball squads.

Please check out my

University of Memphis Tigers Football Page
and my
University of Memphis Basketball Page

Memphis sits on the mighty Mississippi River and is located in the heart of Mid-America. Graceland, which was the home of the late Elvis Presley, is located in Memphis. There is also Beale Street, home of the Blues. Memphis is where W.C. Handy gave birth to the Blues. The Memphis Belle, the famous World War II B-17 flying fortress, is displayed on Mud Island. Memphis is also home of FedEx, the nation's largest package carrier. Famous radio personality Rick Dees, host of the nationally syndicated show Weekly Top 40, worked at a couple of radio stations and recorded his hit "Disco Duck" in Memphis, before heading to Los Angeles. Famous restaurants in Memphis include , and Elvis Presley's Memphis restaurant.

Other attractions include The Pyramid arena
and the Peabody, which is where you can watch the Peabody ducks come out of the elevator and walk into the lobby's fountain.

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