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Welcome to Maus's EQ Den. Before I start with all the goodies, I'd like to tell you a little about myself. I am a 31 year old mother of a 12 year old boy (10-30-01). I finally started college in August of 2003 (I'm 2 years behind). I've had this site since June, 1999. I graduated with my first Bachelor's Degree (in Communication Arts) and started working full-time with the University. I am currently working on my 2nd Degree.
I was born in Ansbach, Germany in the summer of 1982. I had an interesting life in Germany. Quickly, life slapped me across the room. I became pregnant at 18, left home, almost screwed up school and my entire future. I am glad to say, things have gotten alot better since then.
My parents are divorced. I have a twenty-nine year old brother and the most cutest cat in the world (who died May 9, 2004). My brother has twins, Marlon and Dean (pics to come later).

Missing pic
Midnight!!! :-)

I adopted two kitties at the end of May 2004 (Smokey and his twin sister Princess). Unfortunately, Princess died not even after being 9 months old; she was hit by a car. Smokey passed away in the Fall of 2011, if I remember correctly. My two new babies, Napsütés (sunshine in Hungarian -- which I was told by a Hungarian I should have chosen Napsugár, meaning Sunray) and Noir (black in French) were adopted after we found they promiscuous mother had fled to the outside world again. They were born May 2009.

Well, I'm not for much talk so "Ciao".
Shades and Sweet Waters.



What is Elfquest?

It begins with a chief and his tribe, the Wolfriders. After Humans burnt down thier Holt, they fled to the Trollcaverns. However the trolls led them to a dessert. Their journey through the burning waste took them days but luckily they found another elf tribe: the Sun Folk. Many years later Cutter, the chief of the Wolfriders, decided to find other elf tribes and so succeded. He found the Gliders and the Go-Backs...
Find more stuff of Elfquest at the international EQ-Site.

I hope you liked it so far.


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