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In memory of Captain Bill Hillhouse
"Rest assured, We'll never fly alone"
"Toujours Pret"


Hughes OH6A Cayuse Army s/n 67-16002, Now certified and registered as N58478 and currently Flying for the Desoto County Sheriff's Department based in Hernando, Mississippi.

67-16002 as received from the Rhode Island NG on 09MAR94. At one time this aircraft was a mount for B CO 123AVBN Americal Division and was based at Ky Hi ChuLai, RVN from Mar69 to Mar70.


Hughes TH55A Osage Army s/n 67-xxxxx, Registered as N7054G in it's hayday as a mount for the DCSO. Not only did 54G see many LE missions, but prior to service with the DCSO, it served as a primary trainer for many fledging US Army Pilots. In 1995, after 28 years of government service, 54G was retired to civilian life and to this day, continues to provide meaning to the words "Throttle Jocky".

Many thanks to the Rhode Island National Guard, POC CW5 Joe Lopes(ret), Bruce Johnson, HQ Aviation and Troop Command, Tampa Police Department, POC Richard Fernendez as well as all the other fine people/agencies that have in the past and with who's continued assistance help make this unit a success.

A few of my favorite interest.

  • Aviation
  • Law Enforcement

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