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Knoxville Suicide Grievers Support Group

The Suicide Grievers Support Group of Knoxville, Tennessee,
has been meeting since July 1996. We meet
the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9050 Executive Park Drive
Suite 104-A from 7 until 9 p.m.
The group is open to the community and
has a cohesive group attending on a regular basis.
New members are always welcome, although we regret your need
to be here.
There is no fee for this group.

The group is designed to function primarily as a mutual
support group for the members and is professional facilitated
by P.J. Alexander, LCSW, CGC (licensed clinical social worker
and certified grief counselor).
P.J. is also a member of the American Association of
Suicidology and is both a member of and certified by the
Association for Death Education & Counseling as a Certified
Grief Counselor.

Our group is co-facilitated by John and Mary Copeland who are
unfortunately qualified for membership in this group. Their
16-year-old son, Luke, suicided on September 16, 1996.

The focus of the group is on assisting in developing greater
understanding of suicidal behavior and enabling the survivors to
process the associated feelings and emotional responses to the
death. Members are provided with educational information
to assist them in their understanding of this complicated
grief process in a safe setting of non-judgmental acceptance.
Books and information available through the American Association
of Suicidology are also made available.

For more information, call P.J. at (865) 671-9631.
Once contacted, P.J. will send an outreach packet to new
members. This includes information on mourning after suicide
the emotional process of grieving, Grief Recovery Suggestions,
and surviving beyond suicide.


Letter to New Grievers

Rights of the Suicide Griever

Some of Our Loved Ones Lost to Suicide






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