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Compatible and Incompatible Sign Aquarius

Aquarius and Aries:

The instability of Aries and the unpredictable quality of Aquarius would be provoking to both these persons. The whole partnership would be a gamble, and Uranus(ruling Aquarius) and Mars(ruling Aries) make a rather explosive combination. Not a good chance to take.

Aquarius and Taurus:

If these two expect sweetness and compatibility to come from this combination, they are both in for shock. The unpredictable Aquarius is too much for easygoing Taurus. The conservative Taurus habits will soon get on the high-strung nerves of dynamic Aquarius. The Taurus lover is not going to take kindly to the Aquarius's unwillingness to share secrets. Better look long and hard before taking this leap.

Aquarius and Gemini:

These two should have a satisfactory basis for compatibility. The Mercurial Gemini will love the "surprise" quality oven Aquarius, and both adore change. The dual personality of Gemini can find its complement in the many faceted personality of Aquarius. Neither are overly ardent in their sexual impulses, and both are intellectual. Gemini will also not feel shut out or offended when Aquarius wants to be alone. It is a passing mood only.

Aquarius and Cancer:

This does not look like a good chance to take. Aquarius love to keep whirling on the social scene, which will wear the quiet, home-loving Cancer to shreds. Aquarius want to share their good things with the world, while Cancer believes personal obligations should come first. What with the eccentricity of Aquarius and the moods of Cancer, the odds here are too great for this combination to prove successful, unless one becomes totally subservient to the other.

Aquarius and Leo:

The Sun(Leo) and Uranus(Aquarius) make a really good combination. Leo likes surprises and Aquarius will certainly supply them. There is mutual respect for the talents of the other. Both are much interested in helping others. This combination would also be an ideal business partnership dealing with the public. They are also both aware of the other's needs in intimate matters. This could be a good combination.

Aquarius and Virgo:

Virgo must have a precise, well-ordered existence, while Aquarius couldn't care less for order and "set" systems when he doesn't want it. Aquarius will not tolerate restraint, and Virgos seek to change things to their own way of liking by criticism. Unless these two have the same cultural background and educational level, the basic differences between them would be almost insurmountable.

Aquarius and Libra:

There can be rare perfection in this combination. Both like the same things--beauty, society, and people. Venus(Libra) and Uranus(Aquarius) will give each other all things they seek, for they are perfect affinities. But, Libra must learn to accept Aquarius' need for solitude at times, and not question any explanation. Otherwise, a wonderful combination.

Aquarius and Scorpio:

Here are two who will do much better just staying friends. Marriage would probably create a battle of nerves for both Aquarius with their flitting hither and yon would set the solid Scorpio into a tizzy. Aquarius' reserve in love-making would not fill the passionate demands of Scorpio. The "fixed" Scorpio could not feel sure of his own name after a month of the Aquarius unpredictability. Better keep it outside the fence of marriage.

Aquarius and Sagittarius:

These two could make a pleasant life together, for there is much in common in their basic make-up. They are both social and go for large groups and public-spirited associates. They both like change that travel gives and they both like excitement. Sagittarius is one of the few Signs who will understand the idiosyncrasies of the Aquarius temperament. Could be a happy-ever-after affair for both.

Aquarius and Capricorn:

This is an unlikely combination. these two are simply too different to resolve their divergent qualities. Aquarius' interests are wide-spread--the home alone is not enough to keep an Aquarius spellbound. Capricorn expects home interest to come first. Aquarius will become bored with the slow, plodding Capricorn, and is likely to flee to the big wide world.

Aquarius and Aquarius:

At last we have just the right mate for an Aquarius--another Aquarius! No one on earth could be so in harmony with either of these as they are with each other. They can understand the qualities which baffle, bewilder, and madden others. Yes, here is the perfect combination!

Aquarius and Pisces:

This may not be a bad combination if Pisces will study the Aquarium Horoscope. Here are tolerance and human sympathy coupled with the need for human understanding by the Pisce partner, who is willing to go all out to find that elusive cup of human tolerance and dignity. He will surely find it in his Aquarius mate. All Pisces has to do to make the marriage happy is to give Aquarius the benefit of the doubt.


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