• A Little About Me

    I am 27 yrs old, was born in Illinois,
    moved to Tennessee when I was 4 years old.
    I played football my high school years.
    I was #64, that is where i got 64, for my web name.
    I met my wife,
    Lisa aka jazzieyy, online in the room How2Chat.
    We really got to know one another online
    and one thing led to another.
    We started talking on the phone,
    emailing each other letters,
    which led to snail mail letters,
    and FINALLY....
    we met December 26, 1998 in person!
    I drove from Tennessee to Florida
    and that was the longest drive ever,
    cause I just couldnt wait to see her!
    Wasn't long after that,
    that I realized that Lisa would be moving to TN with me,
    cause I was bound and determined to have her for my wife.


    Lisa, as you know by now, is my wife.
    She is 37, yes that makes her 10 years older than me,
    and one thing for sure, older woman are beautiful!!
    Lisa was born in Kentucky.
    She married and moved to Florida which led to divorce,
    and thats when we met online.
    Lisa is a great mother!
    She loves animals, especially horses and cats.
    And is a major Tweety Bird freak.


    He is 17.....and a real handsome fellow at that.
    He is taller than me, the little (tall) turkey....LOL!
    Josh is a good kid. The girls love him!
    He is a wonderful step-son, I couldnt ask for better.

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