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Our horses
Missy and Molly at the lake. They know that supper is on the way!

Hi these are our horses.Some of these photos are a couple years old,but we will have news ones posted soon

Klaranz and I on our way to trim hooves.

Don`t laugh it keeps him occupied

Klarence when he was three years old(below).He is now nine years old and is a fun horse to own.We bought him when he was six months old,to replace a standardbread that was just too hot blooded.Klarence has the perfect temperment for driving the surrey,cart, plowing or just taking him out for a ride.

Patience was Daisy`s daughter.Before she was born we had heard about imprinting foals,and decided to try it with her.The results were well worth the efforts.Patience had a personality that was unlike all of our other horses she was very trusting of us,she had no fear of something new such as hoof trimming ,entering a trailer or having a saddle on her back.It was a non-event the first time I mounted her and we walked around the round pen.Another enduring trait of hers was that she liked the company of humans often leaving the"gang" to follow Pam and I around the pasture.Patience was three years old when the upper photo was taken.In the lower photo Patience was five years old.Just days after this picture was taken Patience came down with a severe infection.After the first vet gave up on her we tried another vet Dr.Mark Akins.Under his direction we spent three weeks of round the clock medication,shots and hand feeding,and finally we pulled her through.She had lost several hundred pounds and had developed a heart problem as a result of the infection.We would never be able to ride her again or breed her.We decided that she would spend the rest of her life as a pet.She rebounded and began to gain weight and returning to her normal self.But six months later in late Janurary of 1999 she went down,this time the vet could not save her.She had severe colic.I sat next to her as she lay on the ground put her head on my lap as I did when she was a foal,and held her as the vet put her to sleep.To this day we miss her.She was a very special horse.

. Daisy Patience`s mother is in the background watching over Patience.Just weeks before she died.

Echo and I.

Come back soon to see Molly, Missy,Daisy. And Patience when she was a baby.