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Just For Jesus

Just For Jesus

You are listening to "Holy Ground"

...There is not a Person who is black, white, yellow,
brown, or red OR who is tall, short, fat, thin, blind, deaf, dumb, intelligent, average, rich or poor... who is not Beautifully and Wonderfully made by the Hands of Almighty GOD! We are HIS canvas...
HE is the artist...
What HE paints, is Beautiful!!!!
@Just for Jesus

Pam's song, "The Old Love Letter", has been nominated for this years Dove Awards in the Bluegrass Gospel Category. It is on the "New Highway" album by Larry Sparks. Congratulations Pam. I just found another version done by The Burkes in the computer on MP3 version. God is indeed keeping his hand in your lives.

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