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Each morning when you wake up,

and head into your day,

please don't forget to take a moment

just to stop and pray.

And after you have said a prayer,

for all the blessing you've recieved....

your home, you food, your safety,

your friends and family....

Iask you please, to pause once more

and add a prayer that's just for me.

You see I do not have these things,

a home or family,

and often when the day is done,

thereis no food for me.

Security I do not have,

and hope is hard to see.

Yet I know the God who created you,

also created me.

And surely he will bless us both,

if you'll stop and pray for me.


Written by:

Renee Lucas Sept. 20, 2004



Gentle Hands to Wipe Tears

And Listening Ears

Whispered Prayers

From A Heart that Cares

Warm Hugs so Tight

Soft Words of Good Night

Songs for Life`s Journey

God`s Word for Learning

Love mingled with Grace

Smiles `Cross My Face

And Mercy Each Morning

Would Be My Child`s Adorning


Pamela Gremillion

Empty Hands

Oh how cold the winter grows

Without someone to hold my hand

My heart is still and frozen

A blizzard of brittle tears

Find me with Empty Hands

If you could only know

How deep my winter grows

You would Come To hold my hand

And love me back

To Spring again


Pamela Gremillion