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Psalms and Songs of Comfort

This is a list of my favorite Psalms (NIV version) that have ministered to me the most in my times of need. I have also included four of my songs. The first two were written when I was suicidal and speak of how God saved me. The third one was written about the suicidal thoughts. The last one was written for a friend who was dealing with the effects of abuse in her life but it can really apply to anyone who is going through difficult times. "You Are Never Alone" has been an incredible comfort to me innumerable times when I was depressed and needed to hear again that God truly does love me and is beside me every step of the way.


Psalm 27
Psalm 30
Psalm 34
Psalm 139
Psalm 142
All I Can Do
I Cry Out
Save Me
You Are Never Alone