growin' up roadhouse blues

every weekend was hanging in a
joint called "monk's"
shotgun roadhouse w/a dancehall
built on the side
beer signs blinked like
psychotic owls & rednecks	
thicker than fleas
on the dogs in their 
pickup beds
girls ranging from where
did ya park yer broom
to flint edge beauty roses
burning in the beer haze
sweat stink
scoring w/girl named belle
became lifetime challenge
every friday saturday
night for a month asking her
to dance
trying to talk the shit
she'd flirt & act coy 
but she wouldn't
move off the dime
finally i thought
screw it who needs the 
ignored her next time
like she didn't live
after a couple hours
up to the bar for
beer waitresses
too busy to make
the rounds she
approached asked
are you mad at me tonight
you haven't asked me
to dance
i said it's not 
important & i didn't think
it mattered anyway
she took arm & pulled
me to floor
we clung & bounced for an
hour or so while shitkicker
band wailed behind
chickenwire screen
wound our way finally out
to my old ford on the
parking lot
in the backseat i kissed
her hot hungry mouth
taste of jim beam beer & camels
and felt sweaty little tits 
under her blouse
pushed up skirt  pushed
panties aside &
slid into hot wetness
after promise to pull
at critical moment
she screwed like she danced
lively & moist
her hips on a swivel
her right leg over the front
seat & left on the
ceiling cried
fuck me baby
with ever stroke
promise went to hell
blasted her deep & long
handful of peroxide
blonde hair & when it
was over she leaped out
grabbed the longneck
schlitz shook it with
thumb over top
squatted beside cars &
shoved it up
a suds douche
under dixie moonlight
it always works she
smiled but if you knock
me up i'll kill you
grinned dried her crotch
with my handkerchief
she was good but i
never wanted her after that
guess it was just the
thought of all those
little tadpoles going
to hell on a gravel parking
lot under dixie stars while
a raw band played loud
music & i learned that
sometime the effort's not
worth the reward
when it's all tallied up
in the end