statutory what?

she was 16 exactly half
my age squatting by the side
of the el camino on a dusty
side road the sound of girl 
piss singing on the gravel
i kissed her when she
pulled her shorts back
up ran a hand down front
found she had shaved
her beaver
she had a name around town
was hot to trot & looked like
a teenage faye dunaway on
the best day she ever had
took her to a motel in paris
gurgled & punched the night
away & about a week later she
called my wife told her
what a great fucking i'd
given her "he punched my
womb" she said
you can bet my wife was pissed
but i saw her point
i was pissed later myself
when i found out she'd fucked
my best friend
my wife that is not the
girl of dunaway charm &
a pussy slicker than
teddy's pate
it wasn't long afterward
jammed in the front seat of
a flipping pickup she lost
her youthful brains &
still & cold under peach light
at the funeral home she was
still beautiful & i couldn't
help but wondered if the
hair had grown back or if
the undertaker had seen that
bald snatch as he poked &
prodded with his trocar & 
i couldn't help but
recall how i'd reamed
her before he did
along with countless other
nameless fucks
but i left her alive
breathing girlish mischief
in the tennessee night & since
i've never stopped by the
road and pissed on gravel
when that gravel piss splash
didn't remind me of 
her & make me think that
both were gone too soon

her & my youth