no cherry but close

mountain girl
there in a greasy spoon
on the edge
of a sad applachian mountain
the snow dirty as soot
along the ridges
you don't know how lovely
you are
shy & redfaced as you
take my order
i can only grin at your
shapely legs & firm
young tits & make a
pass you can't resist
dancing in the dark
close together
our parts rubbing we
each know what
we want

in the cheap motel you
blush peeling panties
down that lush young
body and you are so
warm & breathless when
i taste the beer on 
your breath
the cigarettes & the
faint aroma of onion
from a burger you
ate earlier
nervous & tight you
resist until i kiss
your secret place then
you hold my face
in soft palms & whisper
my name new on your lips
& raise yourself like
a boat riding the tide
roll & toss gently
until the tide goes
out & i arise
light a smoke &
wash my face