calling dr. jack

when i was young & spoke
of pain what i really
mean was angst
the wharf rat that gnaws 
at the soul
nibbles on the mental

now well along the road
to oblivion the word has
taken on a whole
new meaning
pain is the way my
back feels right now
it had nothing to do
with my hollow
heart or lost

at final consideration
pain comes naturally
with age & not 
because something is 
wearing out 
no pain's the buffer
that makes the transition
easier when it's time
to trade this side
of the dirt for
the other

the way i feel right now
i need a michigan 
phone directory & the
address of a good graveyard
but before that a good
week of communion with
my old friends
mssrs beam & daniels &
johnny walker
fuck augie busch can come
too if he wants

we'll walk the bottom &
shout BOOM at swamp rabbits
& wait for the faint tapping
of destiny at the door
let him him
let the party begin

drink eat smoke & fuck
on the long ride down
til it's all a dream
played out on the back of
eyelids held in place by
rubber cement & tomorrow is
a pain-free
illusion wrapped around the
doorpost of