Boogie Guitar Fool

like alvin lee on the
back end of "goin' home"
leaned into it
hot fingers bleeding notes
in a squawl of feedback
madness biting the
night tremble
amp sound blasting haze of
smoke circling the air
shot in ringlets around
overhead lights & out
cracks in the walls
like concentric ripples
on existential pond
sweat fell on maple & wire
dripped in rivers of
mad melody
bass beat walking the
moon & drums somewhere
beyond a stroll w/flags
& victory
flat down boogie
fucking the night
sliding up the ass of
going beyond to
realm of liquid dream
spraying like hot jizz
a cascade of
pure fact at the
dixie night
crashing with moonlight
outside dirty windows
rattling down by the
rail line
bouncing off car chrome
teasing the butts of
backseat bouncers
kicked in finally
the jam pedal & 
ate the world in
one sweet bite
got for all of it
finally $20 for
his efforts
but what the fuck
it's all in a night's