no innocent bystanders

What's all the stink about 
the TV stations filming a man 
blowing his brains out 
in living color on a 
LA freeway?
Don't try to shit an
old sharecropper.
We all love that shit
no matter what we say.

"Oh, it was fuckin awful!"
they whine, then add
Yeah, but I watched
it was just fascinating
in an evil way.

Fuck it, I always slow
down at accident scenes.
Seeing bodies with gunshot
holes or stab wounds does
something to my fine tuning.
I've taken lots of pictures
of death and destruction.
I'm more of a whore than a
ghoul, I get paid for them.

The way you have to look
at this, it's just the
circle coming round every time
somebody bites the dust
in a nasty fashion.
There are no innocent bystanders.
We all deserve to die and
the ones you watch go today
will watch you eat dirt

I don't know if that's the
way it's suppose to be,
but it's the way it is.