thoughts on age

someone mentioned
age recently
and i must admit
i don't really mind
growing old
because there's nothing
i can do about it
and i'm not sure i would
if i could

a trip has to have
a beginning and an end
and that's all this is
an oddyssey that begins
in the womb of the mother
and culminates in the womb
of the earth
with a lot of rough
roads and blue days thrown
in for good measure
along the way

after it's all things said
it's been more fun
than agony
more pleasure than pain
even if marred by
doubt and uncertainty
more times than i
care to remember

the only thing death
stops is the present
the sing of blood
beneath the skin
breath through the lips
all those seccular
motions that tell us
we're still cooking
in this realm

death slows only motion
mass  the pull of gravity
the sense of light
the knowledge of time
unwinding around a
spring or crystal

everything goes on and
on eternally
every thought lives
on forever
every wave of energy
ever spent survives
bouncing inside the
walls of atoms
we only know exist
when we view them from
the inside out

when our souls
have climbed the smoke
to heaven and yesterday
still reverbrates like
a tuning fork
in the ages
we're all in key
on time and
the big hammer is nothing
but a change of gears
on a freeway leading
ever outward

on and on and
on until the circle
comes around
curved like einstein's
universe and we're
back where we began
renewed in spirit
kicking ass in a
whole new realm

smiling sad poems at
an afternoon sky we
never imagined possible