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Jills World

Poems Links
Flowers Today
In My Heart
Poor People
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Whatever Happened to Us?
The Size Of Your Heart
Broken Heart.
The Doll and A White Rose!.
Please, God, Iím only 17!
Time and Friends...
If I Had My Life To Live Over
Love Is......
Never Ending Love
Please,Go easy
I Will Survive
The Angel's Child, My Son
Nothing At All
Our Special Prayer
A Day Away
The Waterfalls
Mom's, Do There Best
Friendship Is.......
You Told Me
When I saw You
Just For You Mom
I Loved You Enough
Foot Prints In The Sand
The Ocean And You
Big Boys Don't Cry
Special People
Yours Forever
How Many Friends Have You
Don't You Often Wonder
This is my son's page
Helping Our Children (Little Eyes)
A Mother's Nightmare Why Me
The Price Of A Good Deed
What Makes Me Happy
A Friendship dying
A Rose
Groovy Kind Of Love
My Love

Lake Applets

The Sunset
Noah's Angel
The Waterfalls
Our Special Angel

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