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The Mountains Say Goodbye

by Michael Curtis *

No more to hear the music
echo thru the hills
grayer are the skies
and colder winter chills
darker are the nights
the lonesome coyotes cry
sadness fills the forest
as the mountains say goodbye
Missing is the laughter
the gentle soothing song
in perfect harmony
with the wind that sang along
a life that's like the seasons
with nature's laws comply
winter sets in early
as the mountains say goodbye
Deep within the canyons
upon the highest peak
with majestic evergreens
and every winding creek
He still lives among us
a spirit cannot die
all hail to him our brother
as the mountains say goodbye
The Earth has lost a son
freedom lost a friend
tears are shed in passing
from the broken hearts within
the Rockies join in eulogy
the love in vast supply
all heads are low in mourning
as the mountains say goodbye

John Denver

I found the following poem posted on the John Denver newgroup and liked it so
much that I asked the author if he would mind if I included it on this tribute page...
he gave his permission...below is his story:

Over the past several months I often read John's words transmitted to the tower
before the accident, which were "do you have it now? In all the times I've read
these words nothing notable ever happened until this past Friday afternoon. I
read the words again and some unknown force prompted me to write this poem
in a matter of about four minutes. The easiest way to explain how something is
written is that the words come floating by and sometimes I just can't write them
down fast enough. That's how it happened with this one.


It's about love,
it's about life,
it's about sharing,
and it's about strife.

It's about people,
it's about dreams,
it's about forests,
and it's about streams.

It's about stars,
it's about sea,
it's about you,
and it's about me.

It's about war,
it's about peace,
it's about gladness,
and it's about grief.

It's about children,
it's about earth,
it's about flowers,
and it's about birth.

It's about caring,
it's about how,
and it's about giving,
" you have it now?"

Copyright 1998 G. Spendley

I found still another poem posted on the John Denver newgroup that I liked as well,
so I asked Dorothy if she would mind if I included it here, also...
she, too, gave her permission...below is what she has to say about her poem and then her poem follows.

John was not the only person who died in my life last year, but he was the one I was mainly thinking about when I wrote this poem.


It took me a while to smile at the sun again,
It took me a while to welcome the day,
It took me a while to rejoice in the song,
With the season, a soul passing gently away

I've looked to the sky, and I've wondered in silence,
I've looked to the night and wished for a star,
I've looked to the wind for a touch in her passing,
A whisper that speaks of the place where you are

Still, I wished you farewell, and I wished you safe journey
I nodded in peace, wiped a tear from my eye,
Like releasing a songbird to sing with the dawn again,
On wings strong of spirit you'll now learn to fly

Then I felt from within, a familiar faint stirring,
Like a song fading quiet and slow,
And I knew in that moment, you'd reached out to touch me,
Come to linger a while, and then go

In time, soon enough, I will be there to join you,
For this river just runs between shores,
And it's still hand in hand that we walk here together
Just with me now on my side - you yours.


What was it about John Denver's music that attracted so many millions of admirers? I recall the first time I ever heard him sing. I was driving home from church on a beautiful Sunday morning, listening to the must have been in the early '70s. They played a medley of his songs...I remember one of them was "My Sweet Lady". I thought, "Who is this singer?" I felt like I was back in church...I had such a spiritual feeling...a feeling of peace.

I can remember how I felt listening to "Falling Out of Love" as I experienced a divorce... I remember thinking, yes, that is how it is. I remember the emotions I felt as I heard him sing "Flying For Me" when we lost our astronauts. I remember listening to "Matthew" and thinking about my own favorite uncle. I remembered my childhood and family gatherings as he sang "Grandma's Feather Bed".

So much of his music awakens emotions deep within me as, I think, it does for others. I think this was the magic of many of his songs and much of his music...he was able to write about the things we all experience and feel in a way that we could not.

I still listen...the magic is still there...he is still my favorite singer, song writer.

* Posted without his permission...
If anyone knows how he can be
contacted, please let me know.

Email: E. Wheeler