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In my life he's always played the biggest role.

I've always been told of God's love and his special touch.

But there is one part I do not know.

I'll never understand why Jesus loves me so much

That he gave his life for me with nails through his feet and hands.

After I have caused him so much pain.

But until the day I die I'll stand.

For his truth. I'll share that he did not come here in vain.

I'll stand because of the grace he's given me.

And tell people how much he loves them.

This to them will be my plea:

Let him be in your life.

Let him me the biggest part.

Without him life is full of strife.

Love him and let him in your heart.

You don't know how much he means to me.

And all that he can mean to you.

I know how happy you can be.

Your life will be made completely new.

So love him now and forever.

Make sure you always put him first.

You and God will always be together.

He is the water to quence your thirst.