Why Smile? (A silly poem)
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Why Smile? (A silly poem)

Why smile, you say?

Well, you should smile every day.

Believe me, it'll pay.

It'll help get trouble out of your way.

Smile and concentrate on today.

Don't worry about things far away.

Or happiness may decay.

So if your sculpting a blue jay

with the very best of clay,

and it breaks and on the floor it lay,

Just shrug and say "It's okay."

When you walk by a person be sure to say hey.

That just might make their day.

So they'll jump and shout "hooray!"

Happy they will stay.

This means you've spread you'r smile, yeh!

So if your sitting near the bay

with your lunch on a tray,

just soaking up a ray,

but someone runs through your way

and the food is no longer on the tray,

Just smile and say, "It's okay."This may be the perfect way to have yourself a great day!

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