Northbrook Church Jackson, TN
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Northbrook Church Jackson, TN


Has a casual atmosphere and attire.

Uses a variety of today's music

Presents a relevant message in a creative way.

Will not ask you for money.

Places a high value on your children.

Is a place where everyone is welcome.

Allows you to move at your own pace.

Connects with you where you are. words which describe Northbrook. Northbrook is a church where biblical principles are communicated in a culturally relevant way; where intimate relationships develop through small group experiences in homes; and where children and students are valued through specially designed programs. Northbrook is not perfect, but is striving to meet the real-world needs of today's families and singles.
Many people today feel that church is not for them and that God and the Bible are of little value to their lives. If that's you, then Northbrook exists for you. We think going to church should be an experience that both adults and children look forward to. We believe that God and the Bible are very relevant to our lives today. Wherever you are in life, you truly matter to us because you matter to God.