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The Bishop 4, or 5 if you count the dog!

Nathan Bishop (My daddy): Mr. Bishop family. He loves keeping in touch over e-mail and through the Bishop Family Website at He works at Arlington Developmental Center in Arlington, TN. He's growing a beard... and it looks BLAH! Make sure to e-mail him and encourage him to SHAVE! lol

Bobbie Bishop (my mama)My mom, she can figure anything out with enough concentration. She's very intense and is always helping out. Next time you have company and don't want to wash this dishes, invite my mom, she'll have 'em done before anyone leaves! lol

Angela Bishop (my sis) She plays saxophone and is her bands drum major! She's a great pest and a great friend when she wants to be!

Frankie Bishop (My dog) He's the cutest and sweetest!