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Contemporary Christian Music

Contemporary Christian music is awesome! It's totally modern. There is stuff just like alternative, rock, and everything else!

Christian Music has a special twist to it: You can rock out and scream and yell or softly sing or dance to the lyrics, and the lyrics actually mean something very significant and something AWESOME! God is really, really awesome and these artists feel him and want everyone who listens to their music to know it! :) So, take a listen and God bless!

Some awesome webpages of some great CCM artists

REBECCA ST. JAMES: She's only 20 years old and an incredible artist. I admire her so much! This site is awesome! It has a great chat room and tons of other stuff!
CHRIS RICE went to college at Union here in Jackson and is really becoming big. His music is wonderful!
DC TALK: One of the most listened to Christian Bands. They have a great variation. Great rock sound. Good website and I've heard the chat room is good.
A page for JARS OF CLAY fans. I love their first CD. I saw them in concert, good music!
JACI VALESQUEZ's music will inspire you while it makes you wanna dance!
CONSIDERING LILY is an awesome band with two gals as lead singers
BURLAP TO CASHMERE is a really cool band with an alternative sound. Is there anybody out there? Ooooooh.
AUDIO ADRENALINE: They totally rock
CLAY CROSSE has some wonderful songs and several great albums