Wraith Squadron

This is the fifth book in the X-Wing series, the first of three written by Aaron Allston, but starts a new story arc.      In the last X-Wing storyline, we saw the Rogues perform a lot of commando type missions, even though they were primarily pilots. This books begins with Wedge wishing to start a new X-Wing squadron that is exactly the opposite: a commando unit that can also fly snubfighters. To top it off, he wants to recruit trouble makers and washouts, those who have screwed up once and will do anything to redeem their reputation.      Just as the squadron is set to go, the training base is attacked and the Wraiths are forced into the action .... and consequently find themselves on a dangerous mission impersonating an Imperial crew in the employ of the elusive Warlord Zsinj!      This is the sixth book in the X-Wing series and the second one featuring Wraith Squadron. Wraith Squadron continues their hunt for Warlord Zsinj and the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist. In order to get closer to Zsinj's hidden empire, Wedge and the gang pose as a pirate group called the "Hawk-Bats" and begin attacking a Zsinj controlled planet with stolen TIE Interceptors. By displaying their fearsome capabilities, they hope Zsinj will take them into his confidence and reveal the location of his forces. However, can the Squadron overcome their own personal shortcomings and a spy in order to lead Han Solo to the renegade Imperial?