Wedge's Gamble

The leaders of the Rebel Alliance decide that it is time to invade Coruscant, the heart of the Empire. They call on Rogue Squadron to help them gather intelligence on the planet. Along the way, though, someone gets the bright idea that they need a cover, and that releasing criminals from Kessel will distract the Imperials from our favorite fighter pilots. Great idea, huh? Anyway, while all this is going on, it becomes apparent that there is a traitor among Rogue Squadron. Who could it be?      Meanwhile, Ysanne Isard, the Ice Queen, decides to prepare a little suprise for the Rebels. A deadly virus that only kills non-human aliens! How does this fit in with her plans? You'll see!      Finally, as Corran Horn finds himself torn between two loves, it becomes apparent that if the Rebels don't strike Coruscant quickly, they may lose their chance to capture the Imperial planet! Do they dare try?