The Paradise Snare

The story begins when Han Solo is 19. He's an orphan living with a band of con artists and theives, led by Garris Shrike. Han must fend for himself, but is cared for by Dewlanna, an elderly Wookiee who acts as Han's guardian. Flashbacks tell us how Han grew up and got involved with the theives. Han escapes from Shrike and takes on a job as a pilot for a strange cult. However, the cult is only a front for a spice smuggling operation for the Hutts. His bosses give him a Tiger-like bodyguard named Muuurgh who watches over him and keeps him out of trouble. Soon, though, Han falls in love with a Corellian cult member who is to be used and sold into slavery. Of course, Han rescues her, destroys the cult, and makes the Hutts very irritable. Han the returns to Corellia with his love, Bria, and meets her wealthy parents. Will they accept him? Then, eventually, Han heads to Coruscant to apply to join the Imperial Academy.

The Paradise Snare is rated