The Bacta War

     When last we left our heroes, Ysanne Isard had just blasted off Coruscant in the Super Star Destroyer LUSANKYA along with the traitor and the Rebel POW's. From Coruscant she went to the planet of Thyferra and made herself the ruler. Oh, yeah, it's also the planet where Bacta is created. Bacta is the main cure for the deadly Krytos virus that is attacking the aliens of Coruscant.      Since Isard is now the legitamate government of Thyferra, the New Republic won't go after her. So Rogue Squadron resigns and plans to defeat the evil Imperial chick on their own! :)      In moves similar to Robin Hood, Wedge and the gang steal shipments of Bacta and give it to needy colonies. But Isard quickly strikes back. How can Rogue Squadron defeat her with only a few ships and some cocky pilots? Meanwhile, Corran Horn continues to deal with his Force sensitivity and his relationship with Mirax.