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Custom Star Trek Action Figures 

by John Moore (JD Wiseman)

Actually, this first one is not a custom figure. It is my son, Sean. Much cooler.

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Currently on ebay (7-19-00 through 7-26-00) is this Custom General Martok from Deep Space Nine!  I do very few Customs that are not based on The Original Series, but this one was sorely missed by me, so I could not pass it up!

One of the figures I am most proud of, Romulan Kirk was constructed on the Base of a Bridge Kirk (from the box set.)  He was never cracked open and re-glued, so he remains very strong.  I used a ground the Star Trek pant cuffs down and added overhanging knee length pants to give him the correct uniform.  The hardest, and most important part of this figure is the multi-layered paint job which adds texture and detail!  The cloth sash hanging from his shoulder is short in back and (obviously) long in front.  It is glued in place and has been stiffened during the customizing process.

I have made four of these figures.  Due to time constraints I normally do not end up making figures for myself.  I am very glad I kept the first one of this figure.

Here is a small picture of my first Romulan Commander which was sold on eBay a few months ago. I was very happy with how he turned out.  Eventually I will make one for myself.  I cannot believe Playmates Toys did not take advantage of the Sarek head they made.  They dropped the metaphorical ball more times than I can count.

Below is my newer, more accurate version.  And yet this one is still not for me.  The main difference besides the fact that I am getting better with the paint job, is that he has gloves now.

Here is Dr. McCoy in his short sleeve medical tunic that I made for Dorian Potter in November of last year.  He turned out well, I think.  I believe Dorian is happy with him too.  I decided to make the sleeves longer than you may have seen before.  I have seen this figure done where the sleeves end at the bicep pivot, which is a little short in my opinion.  It was Dorian who helped me decide on where I should put them.  I want to thank him very much.  I gained a lot of knowledge when making this figure.

McCoy was made on a Cage Spock body with Bridge McCoy legs, head and arms.  The arms where ground down and smoothed as much as possible.  A seam was carved around the neck line, below the collar.  Then the tunic was airbrushed with a silvery blue color I mixed especially for McCoy.  The next steps were airbrushing the arms and hand painting collar.  

Stating like I have makes it sound too simple.  I did spend a lot of time on him, and I think he turned out pretty good.

Here are my CUSTOM Star Trek crew from the famous Alternate Universe episode "Mirror, Mirror"!!! In fact, I have made several sets for people so far.  I spent a tedious amount of time on these, but I think it was worth it! I have been wanting to make these since way before Playmates released their Spock, but after that, even more so. 

Speaking of SPOCK, I have included him in this grouping even though some might already have him. I have detailed him however, by giving him eyeliner like the regular release Spock. I also altered his eyebrows and added brown to his beard. I detailed his insignia a bit more and painted the undershirt of his tunic a darkish blue. I also gave him a sash to match the others of this set. 

UHURA is the ultimate figure of this set! She turned out really GREAT in my opinion.  Trimmed waist, arms and shoulders, over-coated with a special mix of color to give her that bare skin look. VERY short tailored skirt. Tall boots.  She is a sexy thing in ANY universe. She is just ready to be hit on by....

SULU, the evil officer of the I.S.S. Enterprise! Watch your back around this jerk. Sulu has darker eyelashes, wilder bangs and a scar down his face, which may be hard to see in the pictures. He also (obviously) sports a red tunic as he did in this episode. A long time was spent with Kirk, Uhura and Sulu to make them the 3 cornerstones of this set! 

I will soon be making a Marlena, the "CAPTAIN'S WOMAN".   Ah to be a Captain....

This is the first Mirror Universe Uhura I have put on ebay.  She is worked out superior to my original version which can be found below.  Aside from the fact that I am getting better doing the work on her, the armband on this one is an actual piece of plastic, and not only a paint detail like what is on the first one.  For the record, she is not as easy as one might think by looking.  In fact, she is just about the hardest figure I have ever done.

Here are the five figures I made to represent the Original Series episode entitled "The Deadly Years".

Spock was the least altered figure, with an Ambassador Spock head atop a McCoy body and most of the Bridge Spock arms.  I chose McCoy's body due to the thinner nature of the torso.  The legs are Bridge Spock's.

McCoy on the other hand, while incorporating the Admiral McCoy head has been altered to display the hair style he had through part of the episode.  I think the falling bangs add something to the figure.  Finally, he was placed on a TT Bashir body in order to change his look a bit from the regular Bridge McCoy.

Kirk is based fully on the bridge Kirk.  The first thing I did was crack him open and cut his neck down.  You than replace the post with a screw (make sure the screw head is wide enough as to not come through the hole.)  I then trimmed his hair up.  The rest of his aging was accomplished with layers of paint.  I was trying to simulate the layers of latex they used on the show.  Turned out pretty good for a first attempt, I think.

Scotty was a bit different.  And yet in some ways he was similar.  I based this figure on a Bridge Set Scotty, but cast the head in resin in order to change it up a bit more.  It was an experiment as I had already finished Kirk.  After altering the hair and changing up the face a bit, I basically ended up aging him in the same manner as I did his Captain.

As far as the dear Lt. goes....well she's dead, so let's move on.




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