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First known as Sanderlin's Bluff, the town of Raleigh was renamed by Joseph Graham, the first Circuit Court Clerk, for his North Carolina hometown,

The town of Raleigh was the county seat of Shelby County from 1824 to 1866. Raleigh was well known as a resort community with natural springs and health spas on the high hills that overlooked the Wolf River.

The town also had a rich economic base as keelboats and sternwheelers plied the Wolf River transporting freight and passengers to and from Raleigh in the 1830's

However, the thriving community began to struggle at the turn of the century as Memphis began to prosper. The town surrendered its charter in 1912 and was later annexed into the sprawling growth of Memphis in the early 1970's.

Raleigh Community Council of Clubs
P.O. Box 280537

                                                                      Memphis, TN 38168