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Please read
I think a section, on our web site, dedicated to what our Children and grand Children are doing, would be of interest to many. What jobs and occupation they have. What schools and colleges they attended and where they are living in relation to where you are. Please give me some feedback on your idea of what you would like on our Harding pages! There's no sense making up a section if no one wants to participate. I realize many of us are still busy in our jobs and family life, but sharing with old friends never goes out of style. Activity has been at a snails pace the last several months, so maybe you can dig into the old photo books and share some of our great memories. No one can see and enjoy your contribution if there stuffed in a closet collecting dust. E-mail me if you find some great photos, we would love to share them with everyone from our class. Send me your scans or the photo's so I can scan them. They will be returned to you.
Thanks a bunch to all who have made the 1958 web sites a great success.
                                            Harold Jamison