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Honduras, Central America

This summer I went to Honduras with part of my church mission group. We were joined in Honduras by over 100 others. While there we set up a medical clinic in Los Animas, a remote village in the mountains of Honduras. We were there for 5 days, and 4 of those days we had medical clinic. W One of the jobs that I was at was head scrub. Our job was to treat people that had head lice. We would wash out their hair and apply a special lice killing shampoo then let it set for a minute or two. We'd then rinse and comb their hair. The look on their faces when we finally told them we were done were of so much thanks that it made the whole trip worth it just for those smiles and the occasional "Gracias". One of my other jobs was eye doctor. This involved a little more patience and a little more work than head scrub did. We had an eye chart set up on a tree branch about 20 feet away. I'd ask the people to rade the chart until the letters got too small for them. Then, I'd have them try on a pair of glasses and have them look at the chart. They'd usually say something in Spanish that I couldn't understand. I'd ask them if the glasses were fuerte (strong) and they usually were so we'd go to a lower power. The day that I was there, I think I saw around 81 patients, and every person for my day got a pair of glasses.

Here are the numbers for the 1998 Las Animas trip:

2119 patients seen

6717 Prescriptions filled

254 dental patients; with 754 teeth pulled

340 heads scrubbed

276 average number of kids per class each night

154 average number of adults each evening

19 baptisms

and 1 wedding!

Here is the line for clinic. This was taken 2 hours before we opened. (The line goes all the way down the street and around the building!)
Here is some of the country side we saw while on our way to Las Animas.