Endangered Animals
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Endangered Animals

The earth has some wonderful creatures who are very different, and many times, very beautiful. Because these animals are different and attractive, they are prized catches, and people will give a lot of money to get ahold of the fur or tusks or something from those animals. Ergo, many people hunt them not only for pleasure but for profit. Unfortunately, many of these animals have become endangered because so many people have hunted them down. That's sad, because an equal balance of living things is what keeps the earth running properly. There are several things you can do to help prevent these critters from being totally wiped out.

Things to Do...
  1. Look at things before you buy them. Are they made from animals who are endangered? If so, do you really need that item?
  2. Be aware that there are companies who sell things both made from animals who are endangered, and animals (substances) that are NOT endangered. When you buy something that isn't made from these animals, you are also supporting the trade of the other.
  3. Support (if you can) companies that protect wildlife, like the World Wildlife Federation. Or, write your congress people and ask them to consider before they vote on bills that might harm these species.

Even one person can make a difference, so don't hesitate to do something just because you don't think it will matter.

Some Animals on the Endangered Species List . . .

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Don't Let Our Endangered Animals Become Extinct!

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