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So, you want more information about Babe, huh? Well, here she is!

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I live in a suburb of Nashville called Antioch. I'm a student at Nashville Tech, getting all my core classes to transfer to TSU for a degree in Communications. After that, I intend to go to Law School at Vanderbuilt for my Master's degree. I drive a black '90 Chevy Camaro RS. (I actually wanted a new Firebird, but this was cheaper, and just as sexy...:D) I love languages, and I speak french. One of my dreams is to go to France, so I can experience the "REAL" thing! I enjoy working with computers, and I hang out on the EFnet a lot. I like to meet new people, so if you think you'd like to get to know me, you can drop me a line by clicking on an address below:

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