Babe's Friends
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Babe's Friends

Welcome to my link page. In here you'll find neat places to visit, like some of my friend's pages and cool places like Sony. Have fun while you're here, and be sure and to bookmark my page!

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Here's Some of My Friends and Favorite Places!

Businesses and Tech Spots

Description of Site Link
Visit my page's host, Angelfire. Angelfire
DigitSmith, Inc. - Embroidery Digitizing & Custom Embroidery Services DigitSmith
Matt's Script Archive - Awesome Web Server Scripts Matt's Script Archive
National Computer Security Association NCSA
Geocities Web Pages Geocities
Visit the World's Largest bookstore. If these guys don't have it, no one will! Amazon Bookstore
Here's where I work.... NSTI!!!
Want More Hits on your Page? LinkExchange
Want to send Virtual Flowers to Someone? Virtual Florist
Free Stuff
Need a Web Page Built? Phantom's Web Design

Fun Places to Visit!

Description Link
This is an interesting place. JG & Things
This is a cool page of a friend of mine. Shadowsong
This is a neat place that's really funny. I got acquainted with Mr. Jokeaday, and he's really cool, too! Jokeaday!
Like Jeopardy, Movies, or Music? Try this place. Sony
Are you a Francophile?? Click here and find out!! France!
Christine Daae's Homepages Darkgoddess.Com
Steve Jenning's Page Steve's Page
The FireChicken Homepage! Joshua King's Page

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