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Horse Lovers Headquarters gives out two awards. You can sign up to try to win both awards or just one.
τΏτ Award #1: This award is a very prestigious award. Your website must be very good. This award is not given out very often, and if it is, it is to a a very wonderful, and extremely creative website.
τΏτ Award #2: This award is also a very good award to win. Your website must show quality and must stand out. If your website wins this award, it is an all around great website!
We have also just opened a voting booth where all horse lovers can vote for the website they think is the best. The award will be given each month to the website with the most votes. Go to the Voting Booth
τΏτ Rules
1) The website must be totally horse-related.
2) Please, no music that we can't turn off.
3) Also, please no broken or dead links.
4) Page must load easily and in a resonable amount of time.
5) Yes, all good websites have some under construction signs, but please don't have on on every single page.
6) Website must be easy to navigate.
If your website meets the above requirements, fill out the form below and click "Submit".
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