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The Quiz Page!
Welcome to the Horse Lovers Headquarters Quiz Page! Do your best to answer the ten questions below. After answering, read our chart below to determine how much you know about the history and up to date facts about horses. *Please remember that the quiz below is for fun.

1. What are the four main gaits of a horse?

2. What type of gait that has a 1-2-3-4 beat. (NOT the walk. This gait is artificial)

3. What breed of horse is known for their extremely fast trot? (Known to pull carts in races)

4. What is the most common reason a horse begins to founder?

5. What is the scientific name of the horse?

6. What is the name of the famous thoroughbred racehorse, 1973 Triple Crown Winner, who had a heart almost three times larger than any regular equine heart?

7. What is one substance used to kill thrush?

8. What is the name of the 1998 World Grand Champion Walking Horse?

9. The first prehistoric horse was called the ________. (This horse was about the size of a fox.)

10. What is the famous thoroughbred racehorse who had 21 starts and 20 wins? (Father of War Admiral)

1) Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop
2) The Rack
3) Hackney or Standardbred
4) Eating too much
5) Equus
6) Secretariat
7) Bleach, Koppertox, 7% Iodine, Betadine
8) Masquerading
9) Eohippus
10) Man O' War
10-7 Questions Right: You have studied about famous horses, the history of horses, etc. You know a lot about horses and their origin.

6-3 Questions Right: You've been studying and learining about horses, just not the topics discussed in this quiz! You can find a quiz about whatever breed you are interested in and make an A !!!

2-0 Questions Right: Visit all of HLH's horse pages. You did a good, job and you obviously know more than an an average person does about horses, but you could use some studying.

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