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Veterinarians and Blacksmiths
It is very important to have a veterinarian for regular check-ups and in case of an emergency. Your veterinarian should specialize in large animals, and should have a Veterinary Degree from a fairly good school. Make sure that the horse is calm and content while the veterinaian is around. The veterinarian should be experienced, so that he/she will be able to handle situations in emergencies. Veterinarians are very important, so please pick one carefully!
The horse's hooves are one of the most easily affected parts of the horse's body. They can crack, break off, and rot. This is why a blacksmith is very important. You should have your blacksmith come and reset your horse's shoes every 6 to 8 weeks. Be sure to watch your blacksmith while he is shoeing your horse for a few times. Ask these questions to yourself:
If my horse content while he is working?
How hard is he hitting the nails into the hoof.
Is my horse showing any signs of discomfort?
These are very important. The blacksmith could be too rough with your horse, could be hitting the nails into his/her hoof too hard, and more. Also, be sure to put hoof moisturizer on the hooves weekly so they are healthier and have a less likely chance of cracking.
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