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Cleaning Your Horse
This page is your guide to grooming your horse, from the types of shampoo and conditioner to use on your horse, to the different kind of brushes to use! If you need some help with your horses, read this page.
Shampoos and Conditioners
Healthy Haircare Shampoo Plus is a great product to choose. We also think that Absorbine's Shampoo and Conditioner is great. Thses products are recommended by us. In order to wash your horse's mane and tail, rinse the mane and tail and rub the shampoo/conditioner in. For best results, let the shampoo/conditioner sit for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Untangling Mane and Tails
In order to untangle mane, you should get a brush and a small comb. Cowboy Magic's Mane and Tail Detangler is extremely good and will untangle your horse's mane better than any other detangler we have seen. Rub Cowboy Magic into the horse's mane/tail. Run your hands down the horses mane/tail until you can run you fingers through it. Next you must get the brush and use it until you feel it is necessary to use the comb which should be in a few minutes.
Coat Cleaning?
So your horse got out in the pasture and rolled in the mud! Your horse is filthy and you don't know where to start cleaning. First of all, you need to scrap all over your horse's body in a circular motion. This will loosen the mud. Next, take a regular brush and go over your horse's whole body. If your horse isn't clean yet, take a cleaning glove (you can buy one at your local tack store) and go over your horse with that.
Cleaning Hooves
HLH recommends to use a steel hoof pick that will not bend. This type of hoof pick is stronger and last longer than the plastic ones. To clean out the hoof, pick up the horses hoof and work on getting out all of the mud, manure, dirt, etc. Be sure not to hit the frog very hard!(the sensitive part in a horse's hoof) Be sure to get out as much manure and dirt as you can. When manure stays in a horse's hoof, a fungus called thrush can form. If this fungus advances, it can cause the horse's hooves to rot. Make sure you clean the hooves with koppertox, 7% idodine, betadine or bleach. This will get rid of the thrush and ensure healthy hooves!
Dusty Face?
One problem with cleaning the horse is their face. Your horse's face is all dusty while the rest of your horse's body is shining and clean! Be sure to brush his/her face and then rub baby oil on his/her face with a towel, your hand, or a sponge. You could also take tear free baby shampoo, and sponge and clean the face with that. Although it is tear free, be sure to be careful around the eyes. This should do the trick!
Is there any topic that we missed? If so, e-mail and tell us. We also love to hear any comments/suggestions about these pages.
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