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Surnames from Macon County
and Surrounding Area

Listed on the following pages are surnames from Macon County and the Surrounding Area. Those people requesting that their surname be listed here are indicating that they have information to share and/or are hoping to learn more in reference to these surnames. By listing a surname does not mean that they have information on all families with that surname just that the individual has done some research and by chance it might connect to yours. Before contacting these people be sure to:

Note: Members of the Macon County Historical Society are indicated with a "Y" in the Mbr (member) column.

Surnames beginning with the letters:

A and B J, K, and L
C and D M and N
E and F O, P and Q
G, H, and I R, S. and T
  U, V, W, X, Y, and Z


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When submitting surnames please restrict your surnames to Macon County and the Surrounding Area (i.e. Sumner, Jackson, Clay, Trousdale, Smith, Allen Co., Ky and Monroe Co., Ky). Also if you have a webpage in connection with these names that might be helpful to fellow researchers submit it and I will place on page with surnames. Thank-You.