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Nearly twenty years ago, while praying from a sincere heart, I was blessed by the spirit of God and given an instantaneous healing by the Master Jesus. From the dark pit, I was lifted up into the light and a new life. The things of the past were released, and I entered into a time of change. Following my healing, I began to experience spiritual awakening and there followed many years in which I remembered and integrated this new awareness.

We have passed through many struggles and now live a life of dedicated service to the Great Spirit; the Creator. Our purpose is to assist in the great awakening of humanity according to the direction given by Spirit. We dedicate our time, our energies, and our purpose to this end.

Several years ago, Spirit directed that we should seek non-profit status for our forum of operations, and now we have attained this goal. Our organization, A Place of the Heart is now recognized as a legitimate spiritual center by the federal government, and we will structure ourselves in order to satisfy the requirements of this new reality.

In visions, I have seen changes in this world and in the hearts of the people. I know that a grass roots awakening is underway, and that the outcome will be peace and harmony among the human race. Many have foretold of these times and the changes that can be expected. We see these all about us and hear of them daily: times of suffering and upheaval; times of cleansing and purification; times of healing and renewing; times of awakening.

Some days, it is hard to remember that there is something good going on. Daily news programs bombard us with tales of murder and mayhem. Wars and rumors of wars are our constant diet. On the surface, it seems at times to be hopeless. For many of us, our lives are filled with disorder; our earthquakes of a personal nature. We wonder if there is any truth to the new world order, the new age, the millennium of peace.

Let us not despair. Out of this time of cleansing arises the movement of change. In the living rooms of our homes, in the hearts of the people, we gather with common purpose to bring about a new time of honor and respect. A grass roots movement is alive and well in this country and around the world. Daily, we gather to pray for peace, to dedicate ourselves to our new way, and to assist ourselves and others through the interconnecting circles that now exist.

According to the way that has been foretold, we will experience an awakening of the heart and this force will spread through the natural interconnectedness that exists, much like a chain reaction. In time, critical mass will be reached and Heartforce will sweep across humanity, much like an atomic explosion. When this occurs, the world will change. People will alter their ways and begin to live by the way of the heart. Love, honor, and respect will be the bylaws of such times.

Can you imagine this? Think of it -- a unseen force connecting all of us together with common feelings and thoughts of peace and love, natural respect for all others, and respect for the dear earth. A time of openness, or sharing, of giving and receiving unconditionally the love that lives in all our hearts.

There is so much that has already been done, and there is much yet to be experienced. Each of us can rise daily to dedicate ourselves to this vision and to hold peace within our hearts. We can share this with everyone we know and meet during our daily existence. We can base each of our personal choices of expression out of our present state of love and reinforce this great movement from within the heart of humanity.

I call out from this Place of the Heart. Hear me now. Take up your banner and march forward into the world. Support the ones that dedicate themselves to this great undertaking. Volunteer your time and energy. There are many events and gatherings that are inspired by Spirit which will serve to further the interconnectedness of our hearts; become involved in the forum of your choice.

Both Neva and I dedicate our time, our energy, and our resources, to the awakening. We have spent many years preparing to assist others during the difficult times and offer what we have in a good way. If you can assist us through your volunteer efforts, through your financial donations, or other ways, please do so. We are unable to accomplish our common dream alone; this we know.

If you would like to visit with us, for whatever reason, please call or write and we will arrange that this is so.

Thank you for all your support and assistance thus far.

Love and Light,


Mitakuye Oyasin!