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(Excerpted from "Moon Lodge Visions: A Sacred Journey" by Neva Howell)

God watches over fools.

I had heard this expression all my life, and never really knew what it meant until a rainy day in 1996. I was rushing, far faster than was safe or reasonable, through a torrential rainfall, for a healing session with a woman in great crisis. I came up on a construction area, still flying down the road, and glanced over at the light that had been set up. I saw that the light was green so I proceeded without slowing down at all, even though I saw that the road had been closed down to one lane ahead.

Then, came one of those moments where time and space seem to disappear and one floats in a noiseless vacuum. In slow, slow motion, I squinted my eyes to see through the torrent, and saw more than I cared to see at that moment. I was going 50 miles an hour through a narrow lane with cement retainer walls on both sides of my car. Coming directly at me was an old model (wide and heavy--real metal, none of this fiberglass stuff) green car. I had only time to think "I am dead", before the car was upon me.

As God is my witness, this is what happened next: I felt the green car slice through my car and come toward me. This was an "energy" feeling, and not an actual crash of metal on metal feeling. As I watched, I saw the man who was driving coming at me in a blur. Just before the man's car reached my physical body, I saw a blur between myself and the man, myself and the other car. It is hard to describe but was quite like the description of angel intervention in "The Celestine Prophecy". I felt cushioned and in the hands of some mighty awareness. There then occurred the most amazing aspect of an altogether amazing event. At that moment, I felt the driver of the other car actually flash through my body as the left side of his car flashed through the left side of mine. I felt his cells. I felt his beingness and his own shock at what was happening. I felt his car. Years later, I still know what he feels like. It's as if we merged in that moment.

I remember a scene in the movie "Ghost" where Patrick Swazye is a ghost standing in a hospital and one of the live interns "walks" through his etheric body. It felt like that, as if the man or myself, or both of us, were momentarily ghosts. I think we dematerialized for that moment and met on the etheric plane. Then, I was again barreling down the one lane road once more. It was a few moments before the event registered fully in my consciousness. At that point, I stopped and promptly fell apart, shaking and crying and hysterical. Actually, all those reactions took place inside me. Outside, I was calm but taking very deep, sharp breaths. It was as if I were still in two material worlds--physical and non-physical. I knew I was hysterical but my body didn't know it. That's the best I can do at describing that few moments.

I tried to argue with my knowing about what had just happened, using my logical mind. I thought "maybe the lane was not as narrow as you thought." and so on. Yet, the crystal clarity of what I had seen and experienced could not be explained away by logic or analysis. It was a miracle and, for whatever reason, God saw fit to protect this fool. I am forever grateful. I always felt that the angel aspects of our "Godness" were all around us, though not visible, and were constantly offering help and assistance. Now, I know it beyond any doubt. Praise God!


Why am I here?
What am I doing?
Why do I fear
where I am going?
Destiny, destiny echoes in my ears.
Ah, dear one, such change is near.
Open your heart.
Open your mind.
Separation brings only pieces and parts
of one large puzzle
the only one of it's kind.
All you see is rubble.
Yet we see the grand design.
Peace and Joy is just within your grasp.
Scoff at us not
for we hold the map.
There is no way we could love you
and stand by to watch your soul rot.
Speak to us
Speak to us
Speak to us out loud.
Just close your eyes
and think of us
and know we're inside
above, below, and around.
Feel our great love
as it gently surrounds
you completely.
So intensely.
So freely.
We are You and You are We
We are One and We are Three.
In Peace
In Light
In Love
In Life
We are your angels.
Your strength and your light.

Copyright, 1999; Deborah Hayes 4/2/99

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