Bringing Revival, Renewal, and Restoration to all God's People


A Ministry where Yahshua is Lord, and Everyone is Somebody

God Has A Name, God Has A Plan, God Has A People
God's Name is Ahayah/I AM THAT I AM, God's Plan is His Kingdom, and His People is Yisrael
The Times of the Gentiles is Over, And God is Bringing the 12 Tribes of Yisrael Together from all Over The World
Our Scriptures is The Torah, The Prophets, The Wisdom Books, The Gospels, The Epistles of Peter, James, John and Apostle Paul
Our Church is based upon The Five Fold Ministries, Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists and Teachers
Our Doctrine is Apostolic, Our Worship is Pentecostal, Our Lifestyle is Holiness
Our Language is The Original Ancient Hebrew, The Same Hebrew that Yahshua spoke and preached from

Ministry team of the
The Temple of The Universal Pentecostal Church

Apostle Paul E Jones- Presiding elder

Pastor Loretta Barbour of Outreach Ministries, Danville VA.

Evangelist Clinton Rieson, elder for churches oversees, hometown in Eden, North Carolina

Pastor Jane Lowdin of Calvary Pentecostal Church, Richmond, Virginia

Elder Johnny Kelly, UPCIM

Elder Roy Canada, elder of UPCIM

What We Believe

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