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July 12th: I finally got around to putting up the rest of the stories that RJ sent me! She's only sent me the ones that she's really proud of, so you guys should know you're getting her best! ^_~V
In other news, it is my sad duty to inform you that the Lighthouse is now closed. That doesn't mean that I'm removing the page, at all. It only means that I won't be updating anymore. I'll still come by just to make sure that everything still works and the links are operable, but I won't be putting up any new fics or pics. I've just bought a new domain at Violet & Gold, which is more or less just my very own little Xellos and Filia Slayers shrine. You can visit that, and my e-mail still works. I'll also still be reading the guestbooks here. My AOL/AIM names are SailorN1 and Firia ul Copt81. Both IM's are usually turned on, so if you wanna instant messenger me, that's where I am.
It's been great, guys. Thanks for a wonderful 15 months! ^.~ *blows everyone a kiss, turns the lights out, and locks the door behind her*

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