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I have been raising pigeons since the age of twelve, I am now seventy. My main breed of pigeon is the stately Indian fantail.

I occasionally have birds for sale, but I prefer to sell them at the lofts. Buying pigeons unseen is like buying a pig in a poke, therefore, know from whom you are buying or you could be in for a nasty surprise! Shipping fees, costing as much as forty dollars, add to the cost of the pigeons, with an additional twenty-five dollars for the shipping container! Again, know from whom you are buying! This cannot be stressed enough. Reputable sellers will mail photographs or videos to serious inquiries. It would also be wise to contact the Indian Fantail club of America for a list of reputable breeders. Click on the IFCA link to access their page.

Having pigeons is a real joy, but don't get started with a bunch of over priced culls, know your supplier! Remember, a cull pigeon eats as much as a quality one. If you choose to get involved with the pigeon hobby, regardless of what breed you choose, you will be rewarded with many, many days of pure enjoyment.

Thanks for stopping by, and return again! This journal, with the help of my friends will be updating at least once a month. Good breeding to all!
Frank German