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Dottie and the Boys Country Music Page

Thanks for looking in!!!!

Welcome to the Home Page of Dottie Curtis and the Boys. We are very lucky to feature the talents of Dottie Curtis, indeed a Memphis Legend. She began her career in the music business in October of 1954 and continues today. Thats 49 years and looking forward to several more. She has worked with many Musicians in and around Memphis and most of the others have heard of her musical talents.

"Join Dottie and the Boys Saturday Night at the International Harvester Union Hall in Frayser. Lots of fun and if you like to sing, guest are welcome. The dance is from 7:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M."

Pictured below is Floyd Curtis, C.W Dhority, Nick Bowman, Ray Giles, Jamie Sager , and of course;

Dottie Curtis and the Boys appear every week at Berclair Civic Center. This dance takes place on Wednesday Night from 7:00 P.M. until 9:30 P.M., Come and join the fun with us at Berclair. The Club is on the corner of Tutwiler and Novarese in Memphis. Clarence Jackson and his wife Nelle started this dance in 1960, a 43 Year Tradition. When you come to Berclair, Clerence Jackson will be at the door to welcome you with open arms.

Pictured above is Clarence Jackson making an announcement about an upcoming dance and welcoming our guest for that particular week at Berclair Civic Center

These are some of the folks at Berclair , they have become an extended family. We look forward to the Wednesday Night Dance. When you walk through the door, you will feel like you are at home.

This is Jamie Sager,it is a real pleasure working with Jamie, he is indeed a real professional, be sure to check out Jamie's House Of Golden Oldies, the link is listed in our favorite section below.

This is Ray Giles. He has been with Dottie and Floyd for almost 20 years. We look forward to many many more.

Above is Dottie Curtis tickling the keys...

This is Floyd Curtis with Old Betsy, that's his Guitar he's had since the 70's.


The International Harvester Union Hall is where the fun will be on Saturday Nights. These photos give just a sample of what is going on. Real Country Music and dancing. Come and join the Party.
We want to thank Jason Swindle for a fantastic performance at our Big New Years Eve Dance at Cane Creek as we brought in the Year 2000. Be sure and make your plans to be there with us on our next visit to Cane Creek.

This is Jason Swindle at a dance in Mason, Tn. Jason and Floyd have been working together since 1979. Thanks for a great job Jason. We will be looking forward to your next performance.

We are pleased to also Feature the talents of Mr. Nick Bowman, He has teamed up with Dottie and the Boys and it is a pleasure having him with us.He will be appearing on all of our Playing Dates, You are in for a real Treat.

We'd like to thank Mickey McClure of, "Southern Edition", for his help with our Web Page.

"AND REMEMBER, JOIN Dottie and the Boys Saturday Night at the International Harvester Union Hall from 7 until 10 P.M.

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