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Embarrassing Moments!

These are the guys embarrassing moments and are taken from The Officail *NSync Book!


ONSTAGE: "Once we were doing a show in Switzerland, and it was the last day of the tour and everthing was chaotic. My fly broke, it was wide open, and all you could see were my whities. And I didn't know because I was concentrating on the song, and it was wide open for two songs. Finally, someone in the band told me it was broken, and I looked down and it was split wide open. So I ran backstage, and they didn't have a spare pair of pants. We were just starting a song we do where the band and us trade places, and we play the instruments and the band sings the song...kind of as a practical joke on the audience. So I covered my lower half with the bass guitar. After that I ran backstage and they pinned my fly shut. But it was embarrassing to have my fly wide open for two whole songs and nobody bothered to tell me."

OFFSTAGE: "My fist time going skiing I knocked down a rack of skis and crashed into a cabin at the bottom of the hill, where the lifts are. They were having a ski competition that day. So I crashed in front of all the pros, knocked over everything. That was pretty dumb."


ONSTAGE: "Over in Germany we did a TV awards show. We all had to stand backstage getting ready to go one for the finale, and all go out and show our awards and wave goodbye to the camera. When the music started, someone told me to go. So I ran out on stage, but what happened was the last band hadn't gone on yet. The last group was onstage. I was out there with them and I just made a fool of myself. Of course I was in black patent leather and they were in yellow, so I totally stood out."

OFFSTAGE: "I fought a bull in Mexico. I thought it was a joke. They had five volunteers, four guys over forty, and me. They let this bull loose, and the first four guys got trampled. Then they put me out there with a little red cape, and it came charging at me. Charged me like six times. It hurt a lot. I made a fool out of myself in front of many people-a full stadium-who knew who I was."


ONSTAGE: "One time I sprained my ankle [during a show] and it was so bad that my toes started to turn black and blue. And I had to do three shows, one after another. I went hopping onstage, and I was still dancing."

OFFSTAGE: "I was with the guys in Germany. I was messing around, there were some fans around. I was jumping around and I went to go kick over JC's head, and my foot was almost going to kick him in the head, so I tried to raise it a little bit higher and my other foot came out under me. I fell on my butt right in front of everybody. People pointed and poked fun at me."


ONSTAGE: "One time we were doing one of the back flips that we do. Joey threw me over backwards, my foot slipped out, and I didn't go very good. He turned my ankle and I did a back slam. That hurt."

OFFSTAGE: "We were at the airport and my leg fell asleep. When I went to get up and take a step [my leg] wouldn't go, so I fell right there in the middle of the airport."


ONSTAGE: "I ran onstage after a quick change with my fly unzipped. My pants almost fell down to my ankles. They fell down on my thighs almost all the way to my knees, and I grabbed them. Luckily, I had a baggy basketball shirt over them, so you couldn't see that they fell down. I also broke my thumb onstage before. It was an open-air festival in Germany; it was outside and it was really hot and they were spraying the kids with water, with this big hose, and they got some water on the stage. There's a move where we slide across the floor in one of our songs, and I slid in the water and my feet came out from under me. My first reaction was to throw my hands down-try to catch myself-and my thumb broke. Luckily it was the last song in our set. I just held the mike in my left hand the whole time."

OFFSTAGE: "It's hard to pick just one. I do something embarrassing everyday."