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Energetic Healing Frequencies
for the support, expansion and balance
of the physical and auric rhythms
necessary for optimal health

The highest level energetic healing modalities affect the first five levels of the auric field, which include the etheric, emotional, mental and astral bodies, and the etheric template -- the blueprint or perfect form for the etheric body. The physical matter of the body tissues are shaped and anchored upon the energy matrix of the etheric body.

Beyond the physical and the first five auric levels, energetic healing affects the celestial body and the ketheric (outermost) template, provided a person is able to work at that frequency. These last two levels are most associated with feelings of formlessness and being One with the Universal Life Force. This tactile sense of Divinity often facilitates greater awareness of soul purpose, understanding of how personal blockages have been created, and a profound sense of spiritual peace.

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    Great Spirit~God~Goddess Bless,

    Loretta and Neva


    Loretta is an ordained minister, Reiki Master/Teacher, spiritual counsellor, and Licensed Massage and Neuromuscular Therapist. She is also trained in other bodywork modalities. For more information:

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    Neva incorporates reiki, reflexology, matrix energetics and other energy medicine teachings into her playshops and personal sessions. For more information:

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